Amur leopard

Thank you for my amazing picture! I love it! You've captured the markings on the fur so beautifully!!
Liza Cray

Izzy's Art

Your wildlife pictures are so amazing, I especially like the Tiger and Giraffe drawings, such beautiful animals. Lovely website too!
Deb x
Debbie Griffiths

Izzy's Art

Amazing pictures - you truly are gifted !
Pam Hutchinson

love your cats

from black and white to sleeping lion, I just love your cats
Jonathan Vowles

Izzy's Art

Izzy, you have a real gift for capturing your subject, particularly the animals,and breathing life into your drawings. Your love of them shines through. Seriously talented lady x
Ann King


One very talented and gifted artist someone I admire and drives me to reach my own goals. I wish you every success for the future with everything you want to do and achieve. Everything you produce is sheer delight. I know I am one of your biggest fans. Good Luck! Izzy. x x


Izzy, your lion picture is amazing, well done for winning the competition - well deserved!!